The Most Popular Colors Of Nail Varnishes For Spring 2014

Spring is slowly approaching and with spring it will come and warmer weather, longer days and more sunshine. The best way to welcome the spring is with a bright and cheery manicure. Pastel colors this season are in trend, so put aside dark and strong colors of nail varnish. Because there are so many great choices, we took part of the colors that will be popular this season. Have a look.

White colors

  White color is the new neutral color. But though it may look like the easiest choice, if you begin to look for the perfect shade for your nails, you will realize that there are more variations than you can imagine. Fortunately, all these shades suit all skin tones.

Yellow-greenish colors

  Although these shades are somewhat unusual combination and it takes time to get used to them if you are willing to experiment,you will not make a mistake with this choice.

Gray-brown color

  This shade of color coatings is achieving the dream. She looks gorgeous on nails, never goes out of fashion and will fit with all types and colors of clothing and makeup
Reddish-pink color

  Nail varnishes in coral color will always be one of the favorite choices during warmer winters, but this season the trend shifts to more delicate shades. These colors do not interrupt directly in the eyes, but you can still control its brightness depending on how you want to be impressive.

Sea green color

  If you're bored with the different shades of mint and do not want to carry a strong emerald color on your nails, let the sea-green shades to be your new choiceAlthough it is similar to menthol, this shade is closer to blue and therefore gives an unexpected twist. Subtle difference, but enough to refresh your collection of green nail varnishes.

Pale blue colors

  When blue is very pale, it becomes similar to the white shades, and thus almost neutral. Pale blue colors correspond to almost everything, but at the same time will make your nails stand out.

Pastel pink colors

  We've all spent time in which we were dependent on the pastel pink colors of nail varnishes . Simply there is something refreshing and delicate into them, especially in the way they look on nails - perfect for welcoming a hotter time.

Purple colors

  Nail varnishes in gray - purple color this season are one of the most popular choices. They are the perfect compromise between gray and purple and therefore fall into the neutral territory. You can wear them without thinking at work and out to dinner.

Soft yellow colors

  If you were waiting for the appropriate moment to try the yellow shades of nail varnishes, but for long you have been unable to find a shade that you like, then maybe you should give them a chance on these. Pale yellowish color does not have the strength of the color of a lemon, but anyway they give to your nails a subtle explosion of color.


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