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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Perfect Make-Up Tips

 Are you ready to look beautiful with the help of makeup and other beauty products? If the answer is yes then it is time to listen briefly some of the tips that top makeup artists have decided to share with us. Less is better, natural look and gorgeous hair ... It's all part of the story with which you will achieve the look you've always wanted.

 Makeup is process thanks to which every woman achieves the transformation of her look. With the help of makeup we highlight the advantages and hide the disadvantages.
Concealer is part of the cosmetics that most women use to hide dark circles. But before applying it is important to know how to choose the right shade of concealer which must be lighter than your foundation.
  Wrong choice of concealer can further emphasize what you're trying to hide, so it is important to take enough time and in peace to find a shade that is perfect for your skin type and color. If you are not sure of the shade, you can always inquire with the experts.

  Recently more and more popular is “natural look”. If you want to achieve this look it would be good to change certain habits you have when you apply makeup.

 How you apply foundation till now? For a more natural look to try to smear foundation over the entire face except the cheekbones. At the end with your fingers spread powder on the cheekbones.
 If you like a more natural look you may want to avoid certain makeup with which you will look older. Many makeup artists advise avoiding loose powder. Why? They consider that it contributes to making a person look older. Loose powder is best to apply only in certain areas such as the T-zone. 

 You've always wanted a long and rich lash, but just did not want to put artificial eyelashes. Instead of gluing and waiting for hours at beauty salons, you should use the eyelash curler. It is best to apply it before mascara, because if you apply it later, lashes can rupture. Perfect make-up tips are here to help you to achieve look what you dreamed of, but do not forget and your hair too. Avoid frequent use of irons for the hair and while you dry try to keep your hair away from your hair blower.

Extra - Tips for youthful decolletage

  Women are struggling to keep the skin fresh and youthful but often they forget and skip the neck and chest. The skin on the neck and decolletage area are extremely sensitive and on them you can see the first signs of aging, so they need special care. Read below some tips to nurture your neck and decolletage.

  From time to time make the peeling of your neck and decolletage. Apply peels to neck and massage from the bottom to up,also massage your decolletage from the inside to the chin. After that, remove the scrub with a soft damp sponge. When removing makeup at night, be sure to remove it from also from the neck and decolletage. As for the cream, use the same cream that you use for your face.  Decolletage requires special care during the summer, and opinion is that a serum is considered a much better option. Thanks to them, the skin is soft and supple, and because retinol they have, serums can also prevent cracking of the skin. All creams and so the serums must be applied from the direction of the chest to the neck.

  Did you know that on the cleavage can also affect the position of your body while you sleep?   The position in which you sleep is important, and the worst is considered sleeping on the side, especially in women who have large breasts. It is believed that this position favors the formation of wrinkles, and the best position is sleeping on your back because it doesn’t put pressure on the breasts.

  As the skin on the decolletage is much thinner than on the face, so it loses its elasticity much faster, you should use anti-aging creams. Among the better ones are considered creams that contain vitamins C and B3 that lead to the stimulation of collagen and keep moisture. It would be best to enter the food that is rich in vitamins.

  For a nice decolletage you can use some ingredients that you have in the house. You need a bit of carrot, potato, cucumber and cabbage. Grate listed ingredients, stir them and put on the chest. Cover the breast with a warm towel and let stand for about 15 minutes. Take a shower, and you will see how your skin will be fresh and elastic.  Note that seductive decolletage are not only beautiful breasts, but also beautiful and nourished skin. With proper care of your neck and chest you will have a nice long youthful look.The care is very important, and the results will show over time.

Monday, November 25, 2013

With a Few Tips to Perfect Eyelashes

 One of the biggest advantages of women is their seductive look . But seductive look is certainly not possible without the long , thick and glossy lashes.


  You dream that you have a lush , long lashes ? First of all it is necessary to devote attention and take care of your eyelash. What in any case you shall not allow for yourself is to lie in bed at night, and not removing mascara from your face. In that case your eyelashes breaks and lose on quality . So, put the wipes to remove make-up next to the bed, and even when you very tired, you will not have a good excuse to avoid removing makeup. Also, it is very important that your mascara is not older than 6-8 months. This is her shelf life.

Castor oil

  This oil is one of most efficient funds for growth and improve on hair quality , and therefore it is the same for lashes. All that is required is that once you remove the mascara at night and wash your face, put this oil on the eyelids, sleep on with it and in the morning wash with water. What is very important is that castor oil has to be applied from the lash roots.
  Apart from castor it is also recommended and olive, coconut and almond oil. It takes some patience and everyday application to see the results. Improvement is observed usually after 2 weeks. But the result is thick, long and soft lashes.

Upgrade of lashes
  If you are one of those who will not remember every night to apply some nutritional resources to your eyelids, we have a couple of solutions for you. In addition to artificial eyelashes, which can be bought at every turn, there are also and silk lashes. The advantage of these lashes is that they look more natural and have long standing. While you may be noticing artificial eyelashes , and for some they even bother, silk lashes are completely inconspicuous. They are a bit expensive, but many ladies still choose them because of the natural look they give.
  It is very important that when placing any eyelashes you measure the length. Eyelashes long to eyebrows certainly are not attractive, and above all do not look natural. Also, it is not recommended to upgrade eyelash constantly, because the natural lashes may be damaged and become less frequent, thinner and more fragile.

Eyelash Curler

  If you are not a follower of any kind of upgrading of eyelashes, in addition to the mandatory care of eyelashes, which primarily relates to the removal of eye makeup and careful selection of mascaras, eyelash curler also has an important role. It can be used before or after applying mascara, but it's better before. You must not exaggerate in its use, to avoid breakage and tearing of eyelash.
Choose what you think is best for your eyelashes.

Monday, November 11, 2013

How To Use Cosmetic Products

 Face powder, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, nail polish… This is just one part of cosmetic products that you use, but are you sure that you apply them correctly? All these cosmetic aids for better look and appearance are meaningless if they are not used properly.

  How to use cosmetic products? The answer depends on what cosmetic product you think about, but surely it happened to you or the person you knew sometime in your life to use them in a way that is not correct.

  Mascara is part of the makeup that many women still do not know how to use properly. The first thing to do is every time when you pull out the brush gently wipe of brush with a tissue to avoid lumps gathered and to prevent sticky lashes.

  Blush will best take advantage by putting it bit by bit on your cheeks. The whole time while applying blush you have to laugh in order to achieve a natural look.

  How to apply perfume? Wrong way of thinking is that you should shake the whole bottle of perfume and go out smelling like a perfume factory. It would be best to just spray perfume on the pulse points, because the smell will best deploy on that way.

  Do you use an eyelash curler ? If you 're using it each time before you go outside , then you must know how to not use it over your mascara , because it can come to tearing of an eyelash. Twist your eyelashes only when they are clean.

  Every time before you put a makeup and base for makeup you should first apply moisturizer on your face. 

Do you know how to properly put the powder ? The powder will be applied so that you start from the middle of the face outwards . This will avoid the line that is commonly known to see, and that is where the neck starts. 

  Eyeliner is sometimes difficult to apply . It takes a steady hand and patience. With eyeliner you can visually increase or decrease your eyes . If you want to make your eyes look bigger, put an eyeliner only on a third eyelid , and add to the rest of the eye white pencil or light color shades.

  These are just some of the cosmetic products that women work daily . Read and find if you have made
​​mistakes and if you, now you know how to properly use some of these supplies for beauty.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Make Up According To Your Hair Color

 Blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Each of the available colors has its own characteristics and emphasizes the beauty of women in a special way. Some were born with a certain hair color, and some have reached the desired color with painting. Blondes have great fun, brunettes are proud of the color that best reveals the nature and redheads are the most fiery.
 There are no strict rules which colors are going with a certain hair color. Of course it is different from woman to woman. But there are recommendations from makeup artists what is generally recommended for women with blue, brown or red hair.
      Makeup for blonde, brown and red hair

    Blonde - Light in the eyes, subtly at the lips

  For women with blond hair is always better instead of using heavy black eyeliner to use a brown eyeliner and neutral bronze eye shadow. Use shimmers olive bronze instead of blush that is going to orange tone. As for the lips, the proposal is lip gloss with gold or bronze shades.

    Brunettes – Allmost everything is allowed

  Brunettes can use almost all shades of makeup. Possibly they should avoid pink blush and pastel eye shadow. It is recommend use of intense eye shadows (green, purple, blue ...). Also, some brave shades of lipstick looks good. Flush to the whole story should be subtle or not to be at all.


  Redheads are different from most of the women. And the type of makeup that is recommended for them is very different. One of the safest and most used variants of the eyeshadow is champagne color with a brown eyeliner and appropriate shade of red lipstick.
  Of course, to know what makeup looks good on you and what your color are, first determine your skin tone. Is it warm or cold. It is important to look fresh, because we know that some makeup can make us younger than we are. But some can make us older.

  There are natural redheads, and those who have colored their hair. Natural redheads and women who decide to color their hair red, have lighter colored skin and therefore it would be best to choose lighter shades of powder or cream that does not harm the face as it does powder.
  In addition to powder put peach blush and coral red. Pink blushes are not a good choice for women with lighter complexion and red hair, because the whole picture left incomplete, which is not good. Eyes highlight gold, brown and gray or purple hues.

  Brown mascara is always a better solution than black mascara as black creates a great contrast to the light path. It is best if you opt for brown and black combination.
  Mascara and eye shadow are important for the eyes, but you can highlight and eyebrows. In contrast, the eyebrows should avoid dark brows, and it can be done with a pen in brown and red tones. Apply gentle pencil between your eyebrow hair in short strokes.  Your lips can be even more beautiful with lipstick in certain shades such as the color of coral, peach and apricot to give women an elegant look.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Makeup, Little Tricks - Highlighting and Hiding

Every woman is naturally beautiful, but there are always little tricks that help to hide the deficiencies or to highlight details on her face. Individual approach to beauty is the best way to achieve perfect results, result that every woman aspires. There is no single formula, rules or parameters which must be strictly observed.

  It is important that you choose the right powder,according to skin type and facial features.  Before applying powder on the face, apply a moisturizer and wait until it soaks into the dermis (skin). Corrector should always be with a lighter shade than powder,and with them you cover up flaws. With green corrector you will cover redness of the skin , and with yellow dark and deep circles below your eyes.

  Corrector should be applied in very small quantities and only in those places that you want to hide. Pinkish corrector is for camouflage , and he turns into white. After the correction is applied put liquid powder, the one that best suits your skin type. Make sure that the color of powders is not so different from the color of your skin at the neckline .

 The powder is applied from the forehead , cheekbones , nose , chin to the neck . If you apply it with your fingers , try to evenly apply light pressure and still pulling from the middle of the forehead to the temples. It is important to divide the face into two parts , from the center to outwards . Be sure to go through your neck also , but without the additional application of powder.

  What was left of surplus on the face, it gives you enough to apply to the neck and a bit on the neckline. In order to properly select a shade of powder do not try it on your wrist. It is a common mistake, the skin on the hand is not the same color as the one on your face. Best is to apply the powder on your jaw to make sure that it is a shade that matches your neck and face . When you achieve the effect shades that after applying is blended with the color of your skin , then you can be sure it's the right choice .

  A little trick when applying powder is also a cosmetic sponge . With it, you will more accurately and more easily and evenly apply liquid powder. It is important to first wet the sponge and squeeze , then put the powder on the face and use a sponge. Please note, after you've applied the powder is there any skin reaction at the front zone, nose , jaw and chin.

  Your face has to look nice from all angles of mirrors without strict lines. If you notice that your face is too blinking , feel free to place a loose powder in very small quantities . This way you will achieve a matting effect. It may be loose powder that is great for lasting finish or stone powder that is applied with a sponge . Excess of powder brush from your face , and it is best to do with a clean natural bristle brush .

    Tip: How can you do perfect eye makeup

  The first thing we notice on the face are the eyes, so every woman wants to highlight and accentuate her eyes. Here are a few tips how to make up your eyes, which techniques suits to the specific format of your eyes.

  If you have small eyes, then for you are bright shades of eyeshadow and shimmering shades. Use eyeliner with gray or brown color that will be applied to the external parts of the eyelid. White eyeliner use for the inner part of the eyelid to visually enlarge the eyes. Apply mascara to the upper and lower eyelids.  If you have large eyes then the best match for you are the matte eyeshadow colors. Be careful not to exceed the upper eyelid, or not to use a number of different shades. Use the pen on the upper eyelid, and the same kind of dark pen use on the inside of the lower eyelid. Apply mascara only on the upper eyelids.  If your eyes are too close together ,then use multiple shades of eye shadows, first apply a lighter shade on the inner edge of the lid and under the brow, and to the outer parts of the eyelid apply darker shade. Mascara and eyeliner are applied only to the outer half of the eyelid.
Backed eyes need only to be rounded with eyeliner and apply mascara on upper and lower lashes. Avoid dark shades.

  If you have blue eyes, the best shades are those of warmer colors like pink and brown.
For brown eyes the best are gold and green shades. For green eyes use purple and lavender or the color of coffee for a natural look.

  To all eye colors fit gray, black and chocolate brown, but should be careful with the application method.

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