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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dr Hauschka Spring Makeup: Chorus

 Spring brings us a multitude of make-up collection of various cosmetic companies, and among them comes the new limited edition of a makeup collection from Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetics, with which she presented us colorful world of colors for the face, eyes and lips

 Slightly different shades of those we are accustomed to from Hauschke, lively and cheerful, but still elegant and subtle, celebrate the season highlighting the natural beauty - from matte to glossy, from coral to blue, rich shades and soft hues are in perfect harmony, while carefully selected ingredients kept and cherished and most delicate skin.

 The absolute star of this collection is DrHauschkaMatte&ShimmerBlushTrio - three-color blush pink and bronze tones, with matte and shiny parts that are perfectly combined. Blush is fine and silky to the touch, it is pigmented but with a measure, and shades are pretty neutral and as such would be to suit every complexion and skin undertones.  

  Here are and DrHauschkashinelipgloss07 and Dr. Hauschka Lipstick 18 carmine, with neutral shades of brown coral that great fit and complement with other products, Kajal Eyeliner 08 - eyeliner with cold brown color, as well as two eye shadows - Duo Eyeshadow, interesting color combinations: green purple in shades 08 and pink and blue marked with 09.

  I admit that I did not have too much expectations - so far I have not used Dr. Hauschka cosmetics, and despite the fact that I know that it comes with natural, carefully bred and selected ingredients,to me at decorative cosmetics the most important is pigment , stability and texture .

  However, the shadows were really impressed me, because even though the pigmentation was mean, I can not tell you how fine and silky was their texture, especially when applying them with the brush on the eyelid . With two to three coats leave a stronger, yet subtle color, and stay on the eyelids as long as you do not take them off. They are not completely opaque, but they are not shiny too : they have fine, satin finish.

  In addition, the combination of colors is really unusual, really special, but very wearable - they are perfect for daytime, discreet makeup, but also for the evening, a little more dramatic look. I especially like the darker color, a mixture of purple and brown, which can be applied in one coat for just a touch of color or layered for a more intense effect.

  The package contains a mirror, and the applicator that is quite usable, shadows contain at 1.3 grams each, but are spending quite slowly because they do not crumble as some others that I know. For those who like selected, natural ingredients, as well as quality makeup with discreet and neutral shades, Dr. Hauschka certainly has something to offer. 


Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Most Popular Colors Of Nail Varnishes For Spring 2014

Spring is slowly approaching and with spring it will come and warmer weather, longer days and more sunshine. The best way to welcome the spring is with a bright and cheery manicure. Pastel colors this season are in trend, so put aside dark and strong colors of nail varnish. Because there are so many great choices, we took part of the colors that will be popular this season. Have a look.

White colors

  White color is the new neutral color. But though it may look like the easiest choice, if you begin to look for the perfect shade for your nails, you will realize that there are more variations than you can imagine. Fortunately, all these shades suit all skin tones.

Yellow-greenish colors

  Although these shades are somewhat unusual combination and it takes time to get used to them if you are willing to experiment,you will not make a mistake with this choice.

Gray-brown color

  This shade of color coatings is achieving the dream. She looks gorgeous on nails, never goes out of fashion and will fit with all types and colors of clothing and makeup
Reddish-pink color

  Nail varnishes in coral color will always be one of the favorite choices during warmer winters, but this season the trend shifts to more delicate shades. These colors do not interrupt directly in the eyes, but you can still control its brightness depending on how you want to be impressive.

Sea green color

  If you're bored with the different shades of mint and do not want to carry a strong emerald color on your nails, let the sea-green shades to be your new choiceAlthough it is similar to menthol, this shade is closer to blue and therefore gives an unexpected twist. Subtle difference, but enough to refresh your collection of green nail varnishes.

Pale blue colors

  When blue is very pale, it becomes similar to the white shades, and thus almost neutral. Pale blue colors correspond to almost everything, but at the same time will make your nails stand out.

Pastel pink colors

  We've all spent time in which we were dependent on the pastel pink colors of nail varnishes . Simply there is something refreshing and delicate into them, especially in the way they look on nails - perfect for welcoming a hotter time.

Purple colors

  Nail varnishes in gray - purple color this season are one of the most popular choices. They are the perfect compromise between gray and purple and therefore fall into the neutral territory. You can wear them without thinking at work and out to dinner.

Soft yellow colors

  If you were waiting for the appropriate moment to try the yellow shades of nail varnishes, but for long you have been unable to find a shade that you like, then maybe you should give them a chance on these. Pale yellowish color does not have the strength of the color of a lemon, but anyway they give to your nails a subtle explosion of color.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Clinique Cosmetic - “All About Eyes” - Serum and Cream

 Products from Clinique line All About Eyes for skin care around the eyes are one that I use them for a long time. Almost every one of them, I have bought several times, which is unusual for me because I like to try new things, but products from All About Eyes line are checked and you can be sure about their quality. And that is why I am always coming back to them because they truly care for my dried, dehydrated area around my eyes, and today I present you my favorite combination for daily care of that part of the face....

  I will write about Clinique All About Eyes de - puffing eye massage serum and Clinique All About Eyes Cream. The skin around my eyes is very dry, I have a little tiny line in this area and a few large, and most of these are pretty wrinkle highlighted when I am using improper, inadequate nutritional care, but after using the products that feeds good around the eye area, it slightly reduces. Often happens to me waking up with bags under my eyes that in previous years was not the case, and sometimes can be darker, though not always, all of which probably has to do with age, which I have already... Therefore, this combination is not responsible for the fight against wrinkles, but only for hydrating the eyelids and bags under the eyes, as well as their mitigation.

  Serum and cream are designed for all ages and I could recommend it to those who are in their twenties, thirties, and those younger or older. Also, I think it can be used for all skin types, with the proviso that those with very dry skin in this area still need additional skin care.

  Clinique All About Eyes Serum De - puffing Eye Massage is a roll -on with metal ball designed for the elimination of fatigue for the area around the eyes. It's a serum, a fairly liquid, watery texture, completely transparent, which is applied to the area around the eyes. I apply it usually every morning when I get up, and I notice that, besides providing a cooling sensation within a few minutes that he needs to be fully absorbed , bags actually are less swollen. I did apply to the eyelids, and all around the eyes, and when he is absorbed I put day cream for around the eye area. I love it because it cools and refreshes, that my eye circles from him simmer down a bit, and I feel that it works on my skin. 

  For me, this is one of the few products that work and do what it promises, and it works very quickly, in just a few minutes, and mini bottles (7 ml) last forever, even after half a year. So this is not something that will, in time or regular use do to reduce dark circles around the eyes, but currently operates and as such is one of my favorite products of this kind.  I usually buy this product for me and my friends from Amazon.
 You can also read here some review from other who bought this product.

" Use this every morning right after shower and before makeup. Minimizes lines and puffiness.
 Eases tight skin around eye area."
 By Debra A Bushman

Clinique All About Eyes Cream is also intended to reduce the swelling of the skin around the eyes, as well as reducing dark circles. This cream is, as well as serum, suitable for all ages - there are no special anti-aging ingredients and is very lightweight. It has creamy-gelatinous texture, cream-colored, odorless, perfectly blends easily and absorb for a few minutes - a little longer than the serum, but still very fast. It leaves behind no trace, quickly becomes imperceptible to the touch and the skin is nice and soft, silky and nourished. This cream is excellent as my base for concealer and makeup, and hydration provided to the bags under the eyes has effect throughout the day.

  Along with this serum this is currently my favorite combination for morning care of dark circles and eyelids, because it really softens them for a few minutes after application, and it helps me to these parts of the face are less swollen and it looks nicer and brighter.
  The effect of the cream is different from the one that gives the serum in the sense that with its regular use area under the eyes is really beautiful in the long run, and the difference is noticeable after a few weeks of use. Because of this I recommend you should try it if you have the opportunity, because I think that could correspond to absolutely everyone.

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