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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Basic Hair Accessories

 As there is basic equipment for make-up, there is also basic equipment for your hair. Every woman should have a place in the room or the bathroom that will make her look more attractive and beautiful. That's why we bring you some of the main tools for decorating your hair that will always serve well in different situations.

  First place will take a hairbrush. These days they are made of various materialsThey can be made of wood, plastic, metal, and their role is to solve a specific hair problem.

  For every type of hair and hairstyles there are different types of brushes. When choosing a hair brush, pay attention to its form and purpose. It is very important that the brush you choose to be gentle to your scalp and when you go with her through your hair she has to look nicer, smoother and healthier. So do not economize when buying new brushes. The bad brush can ruin the health and beauty of hair in the short run while good brush will serve you well for years

  Headbands for hair deservedly occupy second place. Specifically, we find them in a variety of colors that brighten and decorate our hair while at the same time helps a lot. Sturdy, long-lasting and durable rubber is recommended for long and thick hair, a little less tightly to the thin and delicate hair.

 Also, there are many sexy hairstyles that are resulting from the use of this headband.

  After headbands, hairpins come to us. They are raising our hair in the desired manner, making it more interesting. 

Hairpins for cute hair

These days in specialized stores we can find a variety of modern hairpins for every taste. Also, do not forget about the regular hairpins whose role is to better achieve little more complicated hairstyles.

  Curlers or hair curler is here to make your hair wavy with more volume. They come to us in the form of a thistle, sponges, cloths and hot curlers. Their use is known from long time ago in history when women with curlers were representing their willingness for marriage.

  Today's technology is so advanced that different curlers are turned into an electric appliances such as figaro and irons for the hair. With figaro we faster warm up hair and make her waver. With iron you can also twist hair, but also you can make her straight.

  We have to be careful not to use figaro and irons too much. The high temperatures can damage the hair and make tops cracked.   If you follow the above rules, your hair will be attractive, seductive and full of volume while you will feel like a diva.

Tips to make your hair longer

  Shampoos containing ginseng will make your hair longer and more exuberant
 The ginseng due to its positive effect on blood circulation, removes toxins from the body and the scalp is healthier, so the hair can grow faster. Also, the entire scalp will be hydrated, so you can forget about dryness

  Green tea, unless you drink it when you want to lose weight, it can be used if you want to speed up your hair growth. Because of its antioxidants has regenerating and anti stress effect on hair and removes toxins. Massage it into your scalp and let it work for some time so your hair can be restored.

  Because of the high absorption into the hair, castor oil is great in the transfer of vitamins and minerals to the hair shafts. Using castor oil, remove all deeply damages of hair caused by aggressive treatment such as hair coloring. Due to the high content of various medicinal substances, castor oil promotes accelerated hair growth even in places where hair had not grown

Castor Oil

  As the second most important factor for long hair is a hairstyle. Suitable and adequate hairstyle will revive any hair. It takes a layered haircut instead of flat for visual hair extension

  The right choice of hair brushes also plays an important role in hair length. With natural brushes you cannot go wrong because you will often prevent cracking during combing the hair

  For an even better effect, use ampules, masks, conditioners and nourishing oil for hair. The styling will be much easier with the proper preparations. You will do a great service to your hair if you feed her several times a week. Your hair will become healthy, bright, visibly restored and primarily debt.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Look perfect with a little makeup

 We all do makeup to look more beautiful, to hide flaws and highlight what is the best on our face. However, it seems that the ladies sometimes used to overstate the amount of makeup on their face, or sometimes they even do a wrong combination of colors. It is often the case with very young girls, who experiment and have not yet found their style.

  In their 30’s and 40’s ladies usually know what stand well on them, which produces suit them, which shades are "theirs". Regardless of age, skin tones or eye color, every lady needs to know that it is most important to have a nice tan and emphasize eyes or lips, not both. Remember that a lot of makeup or the wrong color choice can lead to look tired or older.

What is required for 

  For a makeup to have its full effect, the face should be cherished and without irregularities, such as acne and pimples. Once monthly you should do a hygienic facial treatment, or if you cannot afford it, then treat it at home regularly with exfoliate and use a mask. You can make themselves at home.

Foundation (Powder) - choose carefully the shade of powder and take care that suits to your skin type, because you certainly do not want to have your tan shines during the day. If you have this problem, format the tan with transparent loose powder or stone powder.

Mascara - inevitable, unavoidable and the most necessary. There are few women who can do makeup without mascara. The alternative to mascara is dying of your eyelashes, if you prefer a more natural look, if you have sensitive eyes or wear lenses.

Eye pencil or eyeliner - frame your eyes to make them look bigger and nicer, avoid fatty pencils, nobody wants to look like a raccoon, and sharp lines also, so you just need to " adjust them" with little brush or a dry cotton swab.

Blush or bronzer - carefully select them and properly apply them. Nothing worse than unnatural, orange and earthy hues and sharp lines on the cheeks.

Lip gloss or lipstick - usually needs to be neutral if you emphasize the eyes, and if you do not, then play with the colors and show some courage.

Complete your look

  On the whole face look, eyebrows have a really big effect, they should not be too thin and don’t change their form so much. The natural form of your eyebrows just "adjust a little bit" and if it is necessary just shed with light pencil or shadow. If your eyebrows are weak and rare, you can shape them with permanent makeup.

  "Lighten" your makeup and your face will shine.
Keep your tan in the first place to be groomed and healthy, and you will need very little time for your daily makeup, and your face will look fresh and natural.