Makeup, Little Tricks - Highlighting and Hiding

Every woman is naturally beautiful, but there are always little tricks that help to hide the deficiencies or to highlight details on her face. Individual approach to beauty is the best way to achieve perfect results, result that every woman aspires. There is no single formula, rules or parameters which must be strictly observed.

  It is important that you choose the right powder,according to skin type and facial features.  Before applying powder on the face, apply a moisturizer and wait until it soaks into the dermis (skin). Corrector should always be with a lighter shade than powder,and with them you cover up flaws. With green corrector you will cover redness of the skin , and with yellow dark and deep circles below your eyes.

  Corrector should be applied in very small quantities and only in those places that you want to hide. Pinkish corrector is for camouflage , and he turns into white. After the correction is applied put liquid powder, the one that best suits your skin type. Make sure that the color of powders is not so different from the color of your skin at the neckline .

 The powder is applied from the forehead , cheekbones , nose , chin to the neck . If you apply it with your fingers , try to evenly apply light pressure and still pulling from the middle of the forehead to the temples. It is important to divide the face into two parts , from the center to outwards . Be sure to go through your neck also , but without the additional application of powder.

  What was left of surplus on the face, it gives you enough to apply to the neck and a bit on the neckline. In order to properly select a shade of powder do not try it on your wrist. It is a common mistake, the skin on the hand is not the same color as the one on your face. Best is to apply the powder on your jaw to make sure that it is a shade that matches your neck and face . When you achieve the effect shades that after applying is blended with the color of your skin , then you can be sure it's the right choice .

  A little trick when applying powder is also a cosmetic sponge . With it, you will more accurately and more easily and evenly apply liquid powder. It is important to first wet the sponge and squeeze , then put the powder on the face and use a sponge. Please note, after you've applied the powder is there any skin reaction at the front zone, nose , jaw and chin.

  Your face has to look nice from all angles of mirrors without strict lines. If you notice that your face is too blinking , feel free to place a loose powder in very small quantities . This way you will achieve a matting effect. It may be loose powder that is great for lasting finish or stone powder that is applied with a sponge . Excess of powder brush from your face , and it is best to do with a clean natural bristle brush .

    Tip: How can you do perfect eye makeup

  The first thing we notice on the face are the eyes, so every woman wants to highlight and accentuate her eyes. Here are a few tips how to make up your eyes, which techniques suits to the specific format of your eyes.

  If you have small eyes, then for you are bright shades of eyeshadow and shimmering shades. Use eyeliner with gray or brown color that will be applied to the external parts of the eyelid. White eyeliner use for the inner part of the eyelid to visually enlarge the eyes. Apply mascara to the upper and lower eyelids.  If you have large eyes then the best match for you are the matte eyeshadow colors. Be careful not to exceed the upper eyelid, or not to use a number of different shades. Use the pen on the upper eyelid, and the same kind of dark pen use on the inside of the lower eyelid. Apply mascara only on the upper eyelids.  If your eyes are too close together ,then use multiple shades of eye shadows, first apply a lighter shade on the inner edge of the lid and under the brow, and to the outer parts of the eyelid apply darker shade. Mascara and eyeliner are applied only to the outer half of the eyelid.
Backed eyes need only to be rounded with eyeliner and apply mascara on upper and lower lashes. Avoid dark shades.

  If you have blue eyes, the best shades are those of warmer colors like pink and brown.
For brown eyes the best are gold and green shades. For green eyes use purple and lavender or the color of coffee for a natural look.

  To all eye colors fit gray, black and chocolate brown, but should be careful with the application method.

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