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Monday, January 25, 2016

How To Remove Makeup: Useful Tips For Removing Eye Makeup

 It is very important for the health of your skin to remove all makeup before going to bed every night. If you leave make-up overnight on the skin, it can clog your pores and cause acne. Removing makeup is an integral part of the daily skin care. If you leave make-up at night, it can happen to gets in your eyes, which can cause irritation and even infection of the eye

how to remove makeup
Removing eye makeup

  Removing eyemakeup is the most problematic, because the skin around the eye is most sensitive. You can buy some products for removing makeup at the store or make one at home. Here are several suggestions on how easily and quickly to remove makeup.

Tips for removing eye makeup

Olive oil. Olive oil is a great, natural way to remove the make-up and improve the appearance of the eyelash.
 How to use: Soak a cotton pad with olive oil and wipe the area around the eyes to remove makeup. The surplus of olive oil, remove with warm, damp cloth. For a more luxurious use, warm the olive oil before you apply it to your eyes.

Vaseline. Vaseline has also traditionally been used for removing makeup. Like olive oil, does not cost much and is a natural makeup remover and should be gentle on your skin.  

removing makeup with vaseline

Usage: With the fingers apply a small amount of Vaseline on the eye area. Use a damp cloth that can be washed to remove excess Vaseline and makeup from the eyes. Makeup is removed quickly and easily by using this method.

Creams. There are many types of creams that thoroughly remove makeup and nourish your skin.
 Usage: With fingers, apply the cream on the eye area, then use a damp cloth that can be washed and so remove the excess cream and makeup from your eyes.

Wet wipes for removing makeup intended for single use are the fastest and most practical way to remove eye makeup. When using these wipes water or additional pads are not necessary. These wipes are very suitable for traveling. Usage: With this wipes just wipe the eye area to remove makeup.

Sensitive skin. Baby shampoo or baby oil will remove make-up perfectly and at the same time it nourishes your lashes and is gentle towards your sensitive skin. Usage: Method of removing makeup is somewhat different when it comes to sensitive skin. Soak a cotton pad with baby oil or milk for the baby and apply it on the eye area, then rinse using a damp, warm cloth. Do not forget that you need to be very gentle when removing makeup.

How To Make Home Lotion For Removing Makeup 
Tonic Nr. 1 - Chamomile + oils
Necessary materials: Swabs, 50 ml of jojoba oils, 50ml of chamomile tea, 1 drop of lavender oil.
Preparation: Boil chamomile tea, strain it, and when it is cool, add to it jojoba oil and 1 drop of lavender oil. Shake well before each use because the oil and tea are separated due to different densities. So shaken, apply to the swabs and remove makeup from a sensitive eye area. Remember, eye makeup is not removed by rubbing with sharp bursts, therefore soak the swabs with some means for removing makeup, put on the eye, keep about 5 seconds and then gently pull down and up.

chamomile makeup remover

The eyes are sensitive, and the skin around them, and improper removing of makeup, as well as applying a facecream, can cause eye irritation, and the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

Tonic Nr.2 - Cucumber + milk

Cucumber as a foodstuff very rich in water is among the best for skin hydration. No wonder it is part of a large number of face masks. The removal of make-up is one of the best products that you can use.

Ingredients: 1 small cucumber, half a cup of milk.
Preparation: Cut the cucumber into cubes or. Add milk and cook 10 min and allow cooling. Apply the mixture on a cotton wool pad or cotton ball and gently rub your face until you remove makeup. This blend will nourish the skin, hydrate and accelerate the reduction of wrinkles. Such replacement for tonic is most recommended for oily skin of the face.

Tonic Nr.3 - Green Tea + rice milk

Ingredients: a cup of green tea, half a cup of rice milk
Preparation: Boil tea, add the milk and allow cooling to room temperature. In this mixture soak cotton balls and clean face.

homemade tonic for removing makeup
Homemade makeup remover

Tonic Nr.4 - Banana + soy milk

Ingredients: 1 banana, spoon of soy milk
Preparation: Crush the banana, and add soy milk. Mix the ingredients, and apply to your face with your fingers and rub it good. Let stand for 10 minutes, and then rinse with lukewarm water. Makeup will be removed and the skin nourished and soft.