Make Up According To Your Hair Color

 Blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Each of the available colors has its own characteristics and emphasizes the beauty of women in a special way. Some were born with a certain hair color, and some have reached the desired color with painting. Blondes have great fun, brunettes are proud of the color that best reveals the nature and redheads are the most fiery.
 There are no strict rules which colors are going with a certain hair color. Of course it is different from woman to woman. But there are recommendations from makeup artists what is generally recommended for women with blue, brown or red hair.
      Makeup for blonde, brown and red hair

    Blonde - Light in the eyes, subtly at the lips

  For women with blond hair is always better instead of using heavy black eyeliner to use a brown eyeliner and neutral bronze eye shadow. Use shimmers olive bronze instead of blush that is going to orange tone. As for the lips, the proposal is lip gloss with gold or bronze shades.

    Brunettes – Allmost everything is allowed

  Brunettes can use almost all shades of makeup. Possibly they should avoid pink blush and pastel eye shadow. It is recommend use of intense eye shadows (green, purple, blue ...). Also, some brave shades of lipstick looks good. Flush to the whole story should be subtle or not to be at all.


  Redheads are different from most of the women. And the type of makeup that is recommended for them is very different. One of the safest and most used variants of the eyeshadow is champagne color with a brown eyeliner and appropriate shade of red lipstick.
  Of course, to know what makeup looks good on you and what your color are, first determine your skin tone. Is it warm or cold. It is important to look fresh, because we know that some makeup can make us younger than we are. But some can make us older.

  There are natural redheads, and those who have colored their hair. Natural redheads and women who decide to color their hair red, have lighter colored skin and therefore it would be best to choose lighter shades of powder or cream that does not harm the face as it does powder.
  In addition to powder put peach blush and coral red. Pink blushes are not a good choice for women with lighter complexion and red hair, because the whole picture left incomplete, which is not good. Eyes highlight gold, brown and gray or purple hues.

  Brown mascara is always a better solution than black mascara as black creates a great contrast to the light path. It is best if you opt for brown and black combination.
  Mascara and eye shadow are important for the eyes, but you can highlight and eyebrows. In contrast, the eyebrows should avoid dark brows, and it can be done with a pen in brown and red tones. Apply gentle pencil between your eyebrow hair in short strokes.  Your lips can be even more beautiful with lipstick in certain shades such as the color of coral, peach and apricot to give women an elegant look.


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