Little Secrets Of Make-Up

 No matter how long you put make up on your face, surely there are some tricks that you did not know. In the following I will show you some tricks that will greatly facilitate when you do makeup, and you can easily find them in the kitchen or even in the office at work.

  In order to slow down aging of the skin of your face and to afford comfort to him, you should everyday massage your face. It need’s to be massaged only five minutes, so you do massage with a moisturizing oil, which you put on the area of your temples and gently massage in a circular motion.

face massage
Face Massage

  When you are in the office and want to do makeup a sticky piece of paper that you use for leaving a message can be of great help. This sticky paper will help to apply a perfect black line on the eye, and this will be accomplished on the way that by the end of the eye paste the sticky part of the piece of paper in the direction in which you want the line goes, and then you just draw a line.

  Have you heard of gel mascara? Gel mascara is ideal for emphasizing the eyes, that would look beautiful without applying classic mascara on them, and besides emphasizing the eyes, mascara gel will preserve the natural look and shine of your lashes.

Use of Gel Mascara

  For lip augmentation highlighter will serve you good. Highlighter needs to be applied to the edge of the lips, especially over the edge of the upper lip so lips will look fuller and larger. Highlighter simply apply to lips by placing it as a lip pencil, after which you just rub it a little. Be careful not to go overboard with it.

  If you want to make your lips look perfect, you need to afford them peeling from time to time, which is best to do before you leave out and before you do make-up, and you can make it with the help of an old brush for mascara
 These peeling of lips can be easily made, so first you should apply lip balm, and with a clean brush from mascara with slow circles remove excess dead skin from your lips.

  Besides the spoon that you can cool off in the morning and so cold, put them on your eyes to eliminate dark circles, you can also use tin cans. Keep tin cans in the fridge and before placing on the eyes,good wipe the bottom of the cans. After drinking the contents of tins, tins can be used to store makeup.

Tips for applying mascara

  Many women use mascara every day, and leaving the house without mascara is unthinkable for some of them. However, many of them still do not know how to properly use mascara, and still are struggling with applying mascara.
  How mascara should be properly applied, as well as some basic things related to it, I am bringing you in this next part of Little secrets of make up.

  When your mascara comes to an end and you cannot use it more, throw it away, but keep the brush of mascara! Brush of old mascara can be used to shape the lashes, and to apply the serum on the eyelids. I do not have to remind you that it is necessary to wash the brush after the separation of the old mascara.

  If you have problems with the volume of your eyelashes and you would like to increase them, you can do that by applying baby powder first, and thereafter apply the mascara to the eyelashes. The results will certainly be visible.

  If you do not want to flatten your lashes, avoid the daily application of waterproof mascara on the eyes. Waterproof mascara is perfect for long retention of the eyes, even when crying, but avoid applying her every day.

  If you want your eyes to come to the fore, i recommend that after you have already inflicted mascara on your eyelashes when the mascara dries, apply another layer of it.

  Each mascara has a shelf life of up to 3 months, and after that you need to throw it and buy a new one. Mascara beyond its expiry date is a breeding ground for bacteria and infections, so do not mess with it, and in time replace it with a new one.

  Every day when you return home remove mascara or you risk to get some inflammation in the eyes and your eyelashes can fall out. Never leave mascara on the eyes, especially not overnight.

  Your eyelashes need hydration, and the best for that is olive oil. And as a natural serum for your eyelashes use castor or coconut oil.

  While applying mascara to the eyelashes, it would be advisable to keep your mouth open because it will help in preventing of smearing mascara. The trick is that with open mouth, women less flash.

IDEAL makeup on +30 degrees - Tips and Tricks

  High temperatures during the summer does not necessarily mean that we should forget about the makeup, only requires that we slightly rewrite our make-up routine. A lot of women ask if they can be beautifully made up and when the mercury in the thermometer rises to the unbearable heat. The answer is: of course. Just make sure you avoid these errors.

Do not use primer

  Sweat always manages to spoil even the highest quality makeup. So in the first place I don’t recommend you the use of primer as a base, because it will only complicate things later.  
 That is because as you sweat, you will feel that you face increasingly burns, and makeup will begin to melt. Instead, use a minimum of makeup on your face. In a few strokes, apply concealer to the critical zone (especially dark circles) and tinted moisturizer (try to find with an SPF factor) at the end.  
 When it comes to makeup in the summer, focus on strong and bold colors of lipstick, eyeliner and mascara, instead of applying the primer and "heavy" powder.

Highlight your tanned face
 Tanned face emphasize with bronzer. Do not place it over the entire face, but discreetly apply to the forehead, nose and chin and the cheekbones. In this way you will emphasize the beauty of your face and prominent your cheekbones without fear of 'burned' effect. 
  Bronzers are an excellent tool for you because with them you don’t need a lot of makeup, and the overall impression is that your face is beautifully makeup.

bronzers for makeup
Tanned Face

Avoid smearing of the mascara

  At high temperatures, your face is wetter and is normal that the mascara will melt and smear around the eyes. To avoid this, use a waterproof mascara and apply it in two layers.
  Women that have sensitive eyes and can not use waterproof makeup, should apply one coat of regular mascara and over it a colorless substrate for eyelashes.

Do not clean the face with wet wipes

 We all love absorbent wipes, but they mostly help with fats and oils. They are not efficient enough to remove strong sweat
  Instead, use them to cool your face, and then at the face, apply loose powder. Find mattifying formula that contains SPF, so you will in this way do two things at once- checkmate the face and protect yourself from the sun.

Finally The most important decoration of the face...
... is healthy skin. Wherever you are this summer, and whatever you do - it is important to protect skin from harmful UV radiation. Before going to the sun, apply sunscreen with a high SPF on your face and regularly apply it through the day.


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