L’oreal Collection Exclusive - Red Lipstick Forever

  L'Oreal Colour Riche Collection Exclusive red lipstick, inspired by celebrities.

L'Oreal Colour Riche collection

  L'Oreal hopes to remove the fear of wearing bright colors on the lips, because for every woman there is a perfect red color.

  "The right choice of shades of red lipstick should make you feel powerful, confident, sexy, briefly should be something that you chose to wear, and not something that will wear you." - Lynsey Alexander- makeup artist.

Source: Dailymail

  Red lipstick is classic and will never cease from being  actualized. Necessary as a little black dress, and every woman should find her perfect shade.

 Through the history  this shiny and brave color was worn on the lips of beautiful  and powerful women, starting with Cleopatra, who used red  pigments obtained from some insects and ants, to Queen Elizabeth,whom which red lipstick was made from bee wax and natural pigments.

  The secret of an effective look with red on the lips is in finding the right shades in accordance with the color of complexion, while other makeup should be very pale and neutral

exclusive collection fro L'Oreal


  The real color red is suitable for light, porcelain complexion,should look for a color that has a blue undertone, not yellowish. If a tan is beige-yellowish, then choose the coral shades with orange and golden undertones. For tanned skin is recommended undertone of brick color, like the color of rotten cherry. Berry red color, with pink undertones is good for women with olive-colored complexion.

All lipsticks from this collection are matte, with dry silicone texture, which does not spill, fast-absorbing, classic L'Oreal rose fragrance and are quite durable.

Julianne's bright vermilion red or Chinese red- suits blondes, redheads or light skin women.

L'Oreal by Julianne

Blake's is the purest classic red and is perfect if you have a warm undertone complexion or if  you are blonde.

Blake's collection by L'Oreal

Freida's pinkish red color is suitable for women with olive-dark-skinned and with dark eyes.

Freida's pinkish red

Laetitia's champagne for women with light complexion, dark hair, blue eyes

Laetita's champagne red


How to apply red lipstick?

   Do peeling on your lips with a damp soft toothbrush.
Apply lip balm and hydrate lips.
Frame the lips with lip pencil in a skin color or with corrector in a skin color.
Apply lipstick.
Gently lean the tissue and remove excess lipstick.

How to remove red lipstick?Here your micellar lotion is of no use,instead you should use milk for removing makeup,some tonic for removing waterproof makeup, or in the absence of the above, olive oil.


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