Little Secrets And Steps In The Professional Makeup

 Make up is a decorative facial treatment during which a professional makeup artist beautifies your face through several steps, using different decorative materials and products tailored to skin type and using different makeup accessories

makeup artist

Get to know the steps and some of the secrets of professional makeup.

Who is a professional makeup artist?
  Professional make-up artist is a person professionally trained in this profession, which has a certificate or proof of successful mas- makeup techniques. For you to be sure that you get professional service, and professional make-up, it is necessary to pay attention to the following items:

     Hygiene! Professional makeup artist must his accessories, as well as products,maintain clean and tidy.

bag for makeup

     To have good knowledge of the makeup and accessories for work.

     That through appropriate makeup techniques bring your face to perfection, that is, to fulfill your expectations.

     Patience. Your professional make-up artist must have the patience for you.

Steps in the professional makeup

I  Preparation of skin for makeup

1. Cleaning the face

  If a person has old makeup on her face, it is necessary to remove makeup with appropriate remover (depending on whether it is waterproof makeup or not). If the person has no makeup, it is enough to cleanse the skin with micellar water. In both cases, after cleaning, apply a tonic.

2. Hydration

  If the skin is extremely dry, it is necessary to do hydration and apply the appropriate cream.

3. Base / Primer

  Application of base / primer is a very important step in makeup. First, because it represents a "protective" layer between the skin and the substrate (powders),and  second, there are various types of base / primer which make makeup to last longer and prevents undesirable effects such as sifting of some parts of the face, drying ... So there are different types of base / primer such as more neutral (scheduled for normal skin), then for oily skin, dry, for makeup contacted exclusively for photographing ...

II Correction of the skin

1. Identify the basic skin tone

  This will help in the selection of shades of liquid foundation (which is preselected based on the type of skin - normal, combination, oily, dry). There are various types of brushes for applying liquid foundation like so-called "skunk" brushes, which is made from a combination of natural and synthetic hair, then flat, synthetic brush, with dense synthetic hair. In addition to brushes, for application of liquid powders can be also used and Beauty Blender, IE, spongy "egg".

2. Application of concealer

  After selecting the appropriate shades of concealer, a synthetic brush is used to apply concealer on dark circles and imperfections on the face (of course, if there is need for that).

tools for makeup

3. Matting / Fixing the substrate (liquid foundation, concealer)
  For this purpose, make-up artists generally use transparent pressed powder or loose powder, for reasons that they can adapt to each face color. This type of powder is applied with a brush with natural hair, to stop the product to fall down from brush until it reaches the face (which happens when using brushes from synthetic hair). Use your fingers to check whether the face is enough matted. Part below the eye can be matted with a smaller brush, but previously with finger remove excess concealer.

III Shaping the face

1. Measuring facial proportions, shading slightly with pressed powder that is slightly darker than the liquid foundation.Shade the line below the cheekbone to the ear.

2. Highlighter - this product emphasizes the top of the cheekbone, it is applied over the above mentioned shaded part of the face.
3. Blush- apply in a circular motion, with the appropriate brush.

IV Eyebrow correction

  Depending on the needs and desires of the client, can be performed correction of eyebrows, for which can be used products such as eyebrow shadows, pens, cream products intended for this purpose and appropriate accessories like brushes. If there is a correction of eyebrows, it is first necessary to correct, precisely to give shape to the eyebrows, then to fill them.

V Shaping and makeup of the eyes

  It is very important to pay attention, before the start of makeup, to the shape of the eyes

Makeup of the eyes

For example: Sad eyes - Ensure that the shadows do not descend to the bottom, that eyes would look even sadder.
When doing make-up of the eyes, can be used a variety of techniques of professional make-up techniques such as eye pencils, then gel eyeliner technique...

VI Lips

  With skillful makeup can easily be corrected lips if there is a need for it. With a variety of tricks, using 3D techniques, makeup artist can increase or decrease your lips. Lip pencils, play a particularly important role in shaping the lips. They provide the "basic" framework, hold liquid lipstick that does not spread and does not slip from your lips, prolong the service life of lipstick.
  In the end, it is necessary to fix the makeup, although this is not mandatory. If there is a need for fixing makeup, there are spray fixators, which are very convenient to use and very effective


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