Friday, December 12, 2014

Is Your Makeup Artist Really Professional ?

 Is your makeup artist really a pro or he/she is just representing like that? Being a professional makeup artist does not mean they know their job, but that they are working this job for money. Here are a few things to note.

makeup artist

Relationship Make-up artist - You

  The most important thing is that your makeup artist has ability to listen to you. For nothing will be your perfect black "smoky eyes", if you wanted your makeup to look natural (as if you do not have it). The obligation of make-up artist is to be kind, even though this could may not be his day. You've come to do the makeup on, and not to listen to on his accounts, children, divorce or his financial situationThe delay also is not a characteristic of professionalism.

Personal Hygiene
  You sat on the chair, makeup artist began to do the makeup on you, and did not wash his hands before! Make-up artist had to come to the salon, grabbed the (at best) for at least three locks (from the house, the car and from the salon).

  Do not hesitate to ask him nicely to wash his hands. Nevertheless, it is your face we are talking about.

Hygiene of Accessories

  During makeup, brush fell to the floor. Make-up artist culturally raised the brush, "blew the dust" from her and continued to work. Brush from the floor and "air" from his/her mouth are enough reasons to feel free to stop and ask them to wash the brush. Do not forget, it's about your face we are talking about. 

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Type of Makeup Which Makeup Artist Uses

  There is no "professional makeup". When we think of professional makeup, means that she needs to look good on your face and that has to stay there all day. Before you schedule an appointment, ask which makeup, makeup artist is using (ask at least for powders).
  Here are a few brands that are commonly found in the suitcases of make-up artists with whom you will not go wrong: Artdeco, Mac, Pupa, Sephora, Bourjois, Deborah, NYX, YSL, Dior, Chanel, Lancome, Makeup Forever, Collistar, Guerlain, Too Faced, Urban Decay...

Information and Recommendations

  We live in the age of the internet and social networks where any information is available at all times. See makeup artist works before you decide to, also ask around to see your friends, what is their experience and do they have someone to recommend. 
The best advertising is, according to what people are saying "from mouth to mouth". Still, you do not want to throw away your money.

The Cost of Makeup

  Not always means "
How much money, so much music." More and more often we come into a situation that makeup artists are planning to get rich overnight, so they do makeup on you for some totally unreal high price with very cheap makeup.  Beware of these! It is only because we are not informed.

  Prices vary as depending on which city you live in, so to the very make-up artists (if they have a famous name or are anonymous, also by makeup and makeup technique used).
  If you come to this part of the text means that you care how much you spend and what for that amount you can expect.

Term Scheduling / Cancellation

  A very important thing. Here I step to the side of makeup artists. If you already expect from a makeup artist to behave in accordance with the above written, then it is also expected from you expect to be "professional". Yes, we are people and it is normal sometimes unforeseen situations t happens to us.

  If you are prevented from appearing at the scheduled time, you are expected to inform your makeup artist at least several days in advance (no later than the day before). Very bad impression you leave if you do not show up for your appointment, and you have not phoned either to cancel. If the makeup artist is professional, then for you probably he will never have a free term again.


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