Perfect Make Up For The Fall

 There are fashion trends that are changing and depend not only on the current season, but also what top and most famous fashion houses think and dictate. Just like clothes, so do the trends are changing when it comes to make up too. Customize your look to current season.

Cool makeup

  It's time to make up and a decision with which colors you will start and what shades will adorn your beautiful eyes. It is good to know that the choice of color shades depends firstly on your eye color, so you can customize the latest trends by making them fit into what stands for you and emphasizes the beauty of your face.
  Surely you will not opt for a certain color just because she now wears, but you can opt for a something in the middle and a shade that suits your face. In makeup, it is important to know how to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses.
This season actual is bolder make up. Makeup on the eyes is more intense than in previous years. Therefore, gather courage and highlight eyes.

Make up - eyes in the foreground
Metallic makeup
metallic make up

  Metallic lipstick on lips, metallic on eyes... glamorous and chic! This trend in makeup is actual from this spring and it does not look it will cease to be popular in the near future.

Highlighted lashes
  Good dark mascara is something that is "must have" this season. Do make up in order to achieve the effect of accented eyelashes. Use a lighter eye shadow to make the lashes more came to the fore. Artificial eyelashes, complete, or individual, are totally IN.

"Smudged eyes"
  Do you love black Smokey eyes? Then you will surely like and this trend too. These are called "smudged" eyes. Frame your eyes (upper and lower eyelids) with black pencil or shadow and then gently smudge the lines with a brush, applicator or cotton swab. With "smudged eyes" makeup you will look like you came down the catwalk. So sexy!

Framed eyes
  Black eyeliner - Bingo! Especially trendy are eyeliners in colors like blue and turquoise.

Shadows that are trendy
  Colors of eyeshadow that will be worn this fall and winter are all earth colors, red, orange, terracotta, brown and green.

The effect of fresh face
  Perfect complexion and prominent cheeks. Look fresh at any time of the day. "No make-up make-up is still up to date, especially when it comes to daily makeup.

Feminine lips
Beauty lips

  Make up to the lips is feminine and sensual. It does not matter whether you have red lipstick on them or some neutral shade, it is important that lips are highlighted and with defined lines. So, lip liner is required and do not overdo it with lip gloss.
  Trends in makeup for autumn / winter 2014/15 are anything but boring. Make up that is seen is back!


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