How To Prepare Your Feet For Warm Days

 Preparing your feet for warm days is something that you can do at home following these few tips.

feet care

Peeling   Maybe your feet and toes are not similar to the skin of your face, but they need exactly the same care. Before you do anything, you should first take care of the old dead skin. Peeling will help you get rid of skin thickenings and possible clavus.   To prepare homemade peeling we can use the following recipe:

 You need:

     2 and 1/2 cups sugar

     ½ cup olive oil

     8 tablespoons of milk

     4 tablespoons of honey

     4 drops essential oil of lemon

  First mix the olive oil with the sugar, then add the milk and stir again. Finally, add the honey and essential oil. Since this peeling is quite oily and liquid, it is best to use it in the bathroom or in a bowl.   Apply peeling and massage your foot with circular movements, including fingers and special attention devote to the heels. Once you finish the massage, rinse your feet with warm water, apply moisturizing cream and wear socks few hours (peeling is recommended to do at night).   Such peeling can be prepared in larger quantities and store in the refrigerator for several weeks.

Hot foot bath   You can do the peeling and after a relaxing hot bath for feet. In hot water, put in a few drops of essential oil or sea salt, and for soft feet will help a few drops of olive oil or baby oil. You can prepare and bath with milk so that you will mix half a cup of hot water with a cup of milk and add one tablespoon of sugar. This mixture will intensely hydrate your feet.

foot bath

Watch for fungal infections   In the cold months, it is easy to forget the care of the feet, and it is possible not to notice that you have a problem with fungi. Fortunately, this problem (when in the initial phase) are solved quite easily using specialized creams or drops, which certainly should be regularly and consistently used.

Arrange your nails

nails care

Except for the skin of the feet, you should take care of your nails too.
Brush them with a toothbrush, with a special wand suppress the skin that is above the nail, cut them into a flat line to prevent the appearance of nails grown into the skin.

Moisturizing care

  Just as we care for hands and face, so you should make sure to moisturize the feet. You can use special moisturizing creams for feet, but will serve you and your favorite cream or body milk.The cream will soak best in the evening. Apply a thick layer, then put white cotton socks and sleep with them.



  Now when you finish to the skin and nails, you can focus on decorating them. You can stick to classic colors, but you can also experiment with colors following the latest trends. Depending on your taste you can choose a gentle or vivid shade. Choose something cheerful, jaunty, playful and in tune with the season.


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