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The eternal dilemma: Short or Long hair?

  One of the biggest advantages of women and what specifically complements their look is the hair. Ever since women started to work on their appearance and look, the greatest torment to them is the length of their hair, shape, color, as well as its maintenance. Almost the same number of "for" and "against" the long and short hair. It's all a matter of personal taste and choice.
  Short hair 


  Seemingly easy to maintain, but in fact, sometimes require more attention and time than long hair. To maintain the desired shape with short hair, it is necessary to use a variety of preparations. Gel, wax, foam and hairspray are, as they say, "must have" if you want to have a dazzling display and full volume of your hair.

  Also, a lot of time is spent on blow molding. What is "against" short hair is that she faster goes dirty and fattier than long hair. Although this may not always be the case. It all depends on the quality of hair and hair follicles. A big "yes" for short hair will give anyone who cannot stand the heat, or works with food or children. On the other hand, for short hair you have to have a "head".  It is not for everyone, and certainly with short hair the best are looking women who have properly shaped finely head.   If we believe the researches, ladies with short hair, seem more intelligent to man than a lady with long hair. But also, they look more crazy to them and less attractive. And with short hair you can play and make a variety of hairstyles. It does not necessarily mean that with short hair you will look less feminine.

Long hair


  Long hair is more grateful when it comes for her maintenance. Certainly, the appropriate shampoo,conditioner and hair mask, are needed to be fed and refreshed your long hair. For its design you don’t need styling creams, gels, hairspray ... Unless you have curly hair , which form has to be defined.

  Most women think about their long hair as their trademark. Research shows that ladies with long hair will be noticed faster from men than women with short hair. The stronger half has the opinion that long hair makes us more attractive and sexier. Again, if you believe surveys, long hair is associated with lower intelligence , which is often the case that an attractive woman with long hair are underestimated.

  The advantage of long hair is that with it you can always have a haircut. Very easily you can pick up in a ponytail,elegant bun or cute braid.

Truth and misconceptions regarding the hair

  Do you often need to cut your hair? Does brushing can damage the hair? Do you need to change the shampoo from time to time? About all that read in the rows that follow.

 Hair grows from one to one and a half centimeters per month. It may sound paradoxical, but the  more often cut your hair, it will grow faster. You frequent shortening the hair will actually keep the length of your hair, because you will be short her less. You should remove bullheads at the ends so they would not have a chance to " splintered " to the rest of healthy hair.

  Long hair brushing before bedtime is not always good for your hair, no matter that there is such a belief. You should just comb your hair.If you use a poor quality brush or coarse brush (metal or plastic) it can happen to damage the edges, and even root the hair. Therefore, it is better to use a brush with natural (animal) hair.

 Massage of apexes improves circulation,which leads to a better functioning of the cells to create hair follicles and comes to optimal hair growth

If we use the same shampoo for a long time it may come to situation that he "does not work", and that is because the hair becomes "immune" to it, IE create a film that does not allow the shampoo ingredients to penetrate the hair.When this happens it is best to do a treatment for deep washing of the hair, which will remain remnants of hair products and hair will "breath"again.  

 This treatment can also be done in the home version, consisting of (usually) three steps: shampoo, cream, balm, and it should be done 1-2 times per month.


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